• Mechanism Design Theory

    Economic transactions take place in markets, within firms and under a host of other institutional arrangements. Some markets are free of government intervention while others are regulated. Within firms, some transactions are guided by market prices, some are negotiated, and yet others are dictated by management.

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  • Lobbyist registration, expenditure and responsibility in City of Peoria

    A Lobbyist shall register prior to lobbying or within ten calendar days after first lobbying. Reregistration must be done annually in the January following the first full calendar year after initial registration. Lobbyists are required to list the name and business address of all persons that pay them to lobby and on whos e behalf lobbying is performed.

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  • A New Mechanism for the Free-rider Problem

    In proposing the mechanisms described in this paper we are motivated by public goods in modern communication and computation systems. Consider for example a large distributed database, containing information available to all users, without exclusion. Each user contributes towards the building / maintenance of this database, either in direct monetary terms or through contributed storage resources. Please refer to the documentation A New Mechanism for the Free-rider Problem.

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  • Overseas Development Administration

    Management of overseas development presented Towards a new Approach to cost-benefit analysis, The comparative education literature, The educational effectiveness literature, Criticisms of CBA in third world countries, Some cost-benefit results, Other techniques in educational planning, An alternative approach to rates-of-return.

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  • Deficit Finance

    Deficit Finance discusses problems in measuring the size of the debt, who bears its burden, and the circumstances under which debt is a suitable way to finance gov-ernment expenditures.

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  • Cost-Benefit Analysis in Public Project Appraisal

    The main tasks of public projects are to provide pub-lic services to community - most often of non-profit pro-file. The main problem is to choose the best one among others in certain needs and terms. Cost-Benefit Analysis in Public Project Appraisal Invite you to refer to grasp details.

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  • History of the Lobbying Disclosure Act

    “Lobbying” is the process of peti tioning government to influence public policy. This right is one of the most treasured rights in a democracy. Specifically recognized in the Magna Carta of 1215, the right to petition our government was repeatedly affirmed in colonial American treatises, the Declaration of Independence and post-revolutionary federal and state constitutions, including the Bill of Rights. In colonial times, written petitions to local governments were usually simple and...

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  • Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act

    Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act The purpose of this bill is to foster transparency in the lobbying of public office holders and to ensure that lobbying activ ities are properly conducted. The bill further provides that certain information concerning lobbyists and their activities will be entered and kept up to date in a public registry, notabl y information as to the subject-matter of lobbying activities. A Lobbyists Regi strar will be designated to keep the registry of lobbyists.

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  • Bài giảng Kế toán tài chính 2 - Nguyễn Thị Thanh Huyền

    Nội dung Bài giảng Kế toán tài chính 2 gồm 4 chương trình bày các kiến thức về kế toán lưu chuyển hàng hóa trong doanh nghiệp thương mại, kế toán chi phí sản xuất và tính giá thành sản phẩm trong doanh nghiệp xây lắp, kế toán chi phí sản xuất và tính giá thành sản phẩm trong doanh nghiệp sản xuất nông nghiệp,... Tham khảo để nắm bắt nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Giáo trình Kế toán - Lê Dũng Hiệp

    Giáo trình Kế toán dưới đây trình bày về những vấn đề chung của kế toán, bảng cân đối kế toán và báo cáo kết quả hoạt động kinh doanh, tài khoản và kế toán kép, kế toán giá thành, kế toán một số quá trình kinh doanh chủ yếu. Mời các bạn tham khảo.

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  • Giáo trình Kế toán tài chính - Chủ biên: TS. Hà Xuân Thạch

    Giáo trình Kế toán tài chính gồm 2 phần. Phần 1 với 8 bài trình bày về các công tác tổ chức kế toán doanh nghiệp, kế toán vốn bằng tiền và các khoản ứng trước, kế toán hàng tồn kho,... Phần 2 gồm 5 bài còn lại: Kế toán mua bán hàng hóa, kế toán các khoản đầu tư tài chính, kế toán các khoản phải thu,.... Tham khảo tài liệu này để nắm bắt nội dung một cách chi tiết nhất.

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