• A Comparison of Quality Management approaches for the Training and Vocational...

    This paper provides a description of various approaches to TVET quality assurance in the following countries: Australia, Bahrain, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and The Philippines. The systems are categorized according to their key features and paper also includes a description of the different ways that TVET Quality Assurance is managed at the national, regional (state or provincial) and institutional levels, an analysis and review of data from the ILO study and suggests...

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  • The Implementation of a Quality Management System in the University of Pecs

    Abstract - The motives for the implementation of a quality management system are: according to the Hungarian Higher Education Law, a quality management system must be developed and function in every higher education institution; Standards of higher education and quality endorsement of the education are based on the operation of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. There is a quality report required yearly. Without a quality management system the level of this yearly report would be doubtful.

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  • A Comparison of Quality Management approaches for the Training and Vocational...

    A Comparison of Quality Management approaches for the Training and Vocational Sector in seven countries to provide an easy reference for countries wishing to introduce and/or review quality management approaches in the TVET sector.

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  • Chapter 1: An Approach to Quality Assurance Training

    Chapter 1: An Approach to Quality Assurance Training. Training transfers knowledge and skills needed to carry out a specific task or activity. Education provides a broad array of knowledge (and skill) to prepare for a future role.

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  • Audit of the Quality Assurance System of the Helsinki School of Economics

    The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) will perform audits of the quality assurance (QA) systems of all Finnish higher education institutions (HEIs) by 2011. The key aim is to support the HEIs while they are developing their QA systems to meet European QA principles1 and to demonstrate that competent and consistent higher education QA is in place in Finland at the national level.

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  • General and further education and training quality assurance bill

    To provide for the establishment, composition and functioning of the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Council; to provide for quality assurance in general and further education and training; to provide for control over norms and standards of curriculum and assessment; to provide for the issue of certificates at the exit points; to provide for the conduct of assessment; to repeal the South African Certification Council Act, 1986; and to provide for matters...

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  • Comparisons of International Quality Assurance Systems for Vocational...

    This project examined the quality assurance mechanisms for the vocational education and training (VET) sector used in five nations: Canada (Ontario), Germany, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK). The mechanisms used by these nations have been compared with those in Australia to identify best practice.

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  • Open Access: Scientific Quality Assurance by Interactive Peer Review & Public...

    Outline: Motivation, Interactive Peer Review & Public Discussion, Interactive Journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics”, Alternatives & Future Developments, Vision & Suggestions.

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  • Quality assurance: A reference system for indicators and evaluation procedures

    Published with the support of the European University Association (EUA), in which ELU is a working group, this report provides a comparative analysis of various uses of performance indicators as well as a typology and application tool for this group of indicators that is available to institutional leaders. Both well-documented and rich in content, this study offers a definitive contribution to the European need to make national higher education teaching and research more efficient, relevant,...

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  • European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and...

    The Recommendation establishes a European Quality Assurance Reference Framwork, as a reference instrument, in order to help Member States to promote and monitor continous improvement of their Vocational Education and Training (VET) sytems based on common European references.

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  • Quality assurance of MultiMedia learning Materials

    The education sector in most developing countries is faced with the challenge of providing access to educa-tion to a very large young population. In its efforts to reach out to diverse learner groups spread over small towns and remote areas with poor infrastructure, a variety of learning materials are increasingly being used, both in conventional and open and distance learning systems and in formal and non-formal contexts.

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  • Fundamentals of a ‘common quality assurance framework’(CQAF) for VET in...

    In this perspective, a European Network of competent bodies for quality assurance and development in VET has been established at the initiative of the European Commission following the favourable opinion of the Advisory Committee for Vocational Training on 16-17 June 2005. The Network has been set up on a voluntary basis, and its purpose was outlined in the Commission’s proposal to the ACVT

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