• Common Principles for Student Involvement in Quality Assurance/Quality...

    The purpose of the principles is to provide a useful reference guide to both higher education institutions in developing or reviewing current arrangements for the involvement of students in quality assurance processes and to quality assurance agencies undertaking external quality assurance activities.

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  • Implementing and using quality assurance: Strategy and practice

    This publication gathers a representative sample of the contributions to the Forum. Some of the keynote presentations are included as well as a few of the many excellent papers that contributed to lively discussions in the parallel sessions. The keynotes discuss quality from a conceptual, historical and policy perspective. The papers are mostly focused on institutional case studies and show the variety of ways that higher education institutions and QA agencies ensure quality.

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  • Quality Assurance in the Field of Civil Service Training

    The training and education provi-sion needed by a modern public administration system involves a wide variety of training providers and programmes. At one extreme, the professional formation of, people who intend to spend their, careers in the public service, involves the university systems of each country, and perhaps at different levels of qualification (di-ploma, degree, post-graduate etc.).

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  • Cognition of Training Functionality as Organizational Challenge For Quality...

    The study investigated the quality assurance attributes of training being given in the igerian higher learning institutions. This was assessed by examining the cognition of training functionality vis-à-vis the ability to correlate the courses of study with their practical ndeavours. The hypothesis tested in the study at P

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  • Quality assurance and engineering education development: Appraisal of...

    This paper presents the major challenges confronting quality assurance of Engineering Education in Nigerian institutions which have been characterized by inadequate and low skilled manpower evelopment, poor research network, and lack of adequate teaching aids, poor funding and weak industry-institutions relationship.

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  • International Experiences inOccupational StandardsDevelopment...

    International Experiences in Occupational Standards Development and Implementation presented definition Occupational Standards, variety of formats and development methods.

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  • Open-source Quality Assurance and Performance Analysis Tools

    Agenda: Motivation, Definitions and Components, Challenges, Software Quality Assurance at GAMS, Software Quality Assurance at GAMS, Testing new Solver Links, Performance Analysis, Summary.

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  • Strategy on Tvet development for the period 2011-2020 and cooperation...

    Strategy on Tvet development for the period 2011-2020 and cooperation opportunity between Vietnam – Germany and with other countries in the region has Main content: Economic-social context influencing vocational training in Viet Nam, Overview of the Vietnamese strategy on TVET development, Cooperation between Viet Nam and Germany and with other ASEAN countries in the field of vocational training.

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  • Quality Assurance Toolkit for Teacher Education Institutions (QATTEI) :...

    The Toolkit now being published contains, first, a package of Quality Indicators listed within a set of quality aspects and categories and, second, a collection of case studies drawn out of best practices from across the Commonwealth linked to one or more of the indicators. The Toolkit can be of use for both internal and external assessment. A teacher education institution could use the toolkit for formative evaluation involving periodical quality assessment followed by taking appropriate...

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  • BMZ Support in TVET System Development in Viet Nam

    BMZ Support in TVET System Development in Viet Nam has Structure of presentation: TVET – a key Factor for Development, Vietnamese-German Cooperation in TVET, Implementation Experiences, Future Potentials, Summary.

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  • Quality assurance training programme for primary healthcare laboratory...

    The manual has been designed as teaching aid for trainers conducting the quality assurance training programme. It includes material on all topics of the programme. Each page can either be used as transparency to support lectures or as a reference to prepare more detailed teaching material for class work and practical sessions.

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  • General technical background paper reflections on conference topics

    General technical background paper reflections on conference topics is one of the conference document for participants of the Regional TVET Conference. The purpose of this paper is to provide an introductory overview to provide a context for the conference topics.

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