• Quality Assurance Guidelines for QA function and process

    The present report includes a description of the Quality Assurance (QA) process, a method for rating of Quality-at–entry (QaE) of project design against the four indicators for project of the Results Measurement Framework, and a tentative action plan and estimated budget for the QA process next year.

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  • Quality assurance and Quality control data standard

    The standard provides a common set of data components and data elements to specify Quality Control elements that may be acquired during field or laboratory analysis. These data components and data elements provide a reusable template for Quality Control Information.

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  • Lecture A Quality Assurance model - Adinda van Gaalen

    Nuffic & student mobility: Providing information on studying abroad; Promoting study in The Netherlands (Holland); National Agency for Erasmus programme; Studies and research.

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  • Components of successful total quality management

    Purpose – According to the literature, quality management consists of a set of components: critical factors, tools, techniques and practices. The purpose of this paper is: to identify the components of total quality management (TQM), in order to make them known to managers and thus facilitate successful quality management implementation, and to show the situation of 106 ISO 9000 certified firms concerning these components.

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  • Common Principles for Student Involvement in Quality Assurance/Quality...

    The purpose of the principles is to provide a useful reference guide to both higher education institutions in developing or reviewing current arrangements for the involvement of students in quality assurance processes and to quality assurance agencies undertaking external quality assurance activities.

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  • General technical background paper reflections on conference topics

    General technical background paper reflections on conference topics is one of the conference document for participants of the Regional TVET Conference. The purpose of this paper is to provide an introductory overview to provide a context for the conference topics.

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  • The Implementation of a Quality Management System in the University of Pecs

    Abstract - The motives for the implementation of a quality management system are: according to the Hungarian Higher Education Law, a quality management system must be developed and function in every higher education institution; Standards of higher education and quality endorsement of the education are based on the operation of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. There is a quality report required yearly. Without a quality management system the level of this yearly report would be doubtful.

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  • Implementing and using quality assurance: Strategy and practice

    This publication gathers a representative sample of the contributions to the Forum. Some of the keynote presentations are included as well as a few of the many excellent papers that contributed to lively discussions in the parallel sessions. The keynotes discuss quality from a conceptual, historical and policy perspective. The papers are mostly focused on institutional case studies and show the variety of ways that higher education institutions and QA agencies ensure quality.

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  • Quality Assurance

    The overall goal of a well-designed and well-implemented sampling and analysis program is to meas-ure accurately what is really there. Environmental decisions are made on the assumption that analytical results are, within known limits of accuracy and precision, representative of site conditions. Many sources of error exist that could affect the analytical results, including sample collection methods; sample han-dling, preservation, and transport; personnel training; analytical methods; data...

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  • Quality Assurance in the Field of Civil Service Training

    The training and education provi-sion needed by a modern public administration system involves a wide variety of training providers and programmes. At one extreme, the professional formation of, people who intend to spend their, careers in the public service, involves the university systems of each country, and perhaps at different levels of qualification (di-ploma, degree, post-graduate etc.).

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  • Quality assurance: A reference system for indicators and evaluation procedures

    Published with the support of the European University Association (EUA), in which ELU is a working group, this report provides a comparative analysis of various uses of performance indicators as well as a typology and application tool for this group of indicators that is available to institutional leaders. Both well-documented and rich in content, this study offers a definitive contribution to the European need to make national higher education teaching and research more efficient, relevant,...

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  • Accreditation and quality assurance in vocational education and training:...

    This publication precedes a more substantial comparative study – currently in progress in Cedefop – on accreditation of VET providers in assuring the quality in VET.

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