• Quality assurance and Quality control data standard

    The standard provides a common set of data components and data elements to specify Quality Control elements that may be acquired during field or laboratory analysis. These data components and data elements provide a reusable template for Quality Control Information.

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  • Quality assurance and engineering education development: Appraisal of...

    This paper presents the major challenges confronting quality assurance of Engineering Education in Nigerian institutions which have been characterized by inadequate and low skilled manpower evelopment, poor research network, and lack of adequate teaching aids, poor funding and weak industry-institutions relationship.

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  • Indonesian experiences and lessons learned in testing/assessment against...

    Lessons of Indonesia in the inspection / assessment standards have the capacity to present content inspection / assessment standards in the capacity of the Indonesian education system from which to draw lessons applied to education in Vietnam.

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  • Open-source Quality Assurance and Performance Analysis Tools

    Agenda: Motivation, Definitions and Components, Challenges, Software Quality Assurance at GAMS, Software Quality Assurance at GAMS, Testing new Solver Links, Performance Analysis, Summary.

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  • Movements towards a European dimension in Quality Assurance and Accreditation...

    Contents the Movements towards a European dimension in Quality Assurance and Accreditation: 1 - the Globalisation Challenge, 2 - The European Response: the Bologna Declaration Intermezzi, 3 - National Responses, 4- International initiatives.

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  • Cognition of Training Functionality as Organizational Challenge For Quality...

    The study investigated the quality assurance attributes of training being given in the igerian higher learning institutions. This was assessed by examining the cognition of training functionality vis-à-vis the ability to correlate the courses of study with their practical ndeavours. The hypothesis tested in the study at P

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  • Quality Assurance Toolkit for Teacher Education Institutions (QATTEI) :...

    The Toolkit now being published contains, first, a package of Quality Indicators listed within a set of quality aspects and categories and, second, a collection of case studies drawn out of best practices from across the Commonwealth linked to one or more of the indicators. The Toolkit can be of use for both internal and external assessment. A teacher education institution could use the toolkit for formative evaluation involving periodical quality assessment followed by taking appropriate...

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  • Quality assurance training programme for primary healthcare laboratory...

    The manual has been designed as teaching aid for trainers conducting the quality assurance training programme. It includes material on all topics of the programme. Each page can either be used as transparency to support lectures or as a reference to prepare more detailed teaching material for class work and practical sessions.

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  • Quality Assurance Guidelines for QA function and process

    The present report includes a description of the Quality Assurance (QA) process, a method for rating of Quality-at–entry (QaE) of project design against the four indicators for project of the Results Measurement Framework, and a tentative action plan and estimated budget for the QA process next year.

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  • Quality Assurance: Role, Responsibilities and Means of Public Authorities...

    Prime Tasks: Identify the object: what is ‘quality assurance’ of which concrete objects; the agent: who are, or could be seen as, ‘public authorities’; the action and the objective: how, and why are roles, responsibilities, and means – de facto or optimally – attributed, shared, and used by public authorities.

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  • Lecture A Quality Assurance model - Adinda van Gaalen

    Nuffic & student mobility: Providing information on studying abroad; Promoting study in The Netherlands (Holland); National Agency for Erasmus programme; Studies and research.

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  • Components of successful total quality management

    Purpose – According to the literature, quality management consists of a set of components: critical factors, tools, techniques and practices. The purpose of this paper is: to identify the components of total quality management (TQM), in order to make them known to managers and thus facilitate successful quality management implementation, and to show the situation of 106 ISO 9000 certified firms concerning these components.

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